Add a Form

How to create a form on Adoric campaign

  • Go to 'campaigns' page, click on the + button and name your new campaign.
  • Choose any template you like (use the "lead" category to get the form built in your campaign).
  • You can also add a form by clicking on "Elements" and choose "form"
  • Edit the form fields by clicking on the pen sign and change the name of each field on the left sidebar. In the same way, you can add other fields to your form. 

You can create an integration to Adoric list or Create any other integration suggested on Adoric. 

Add a form

For any actions after the form submission, click on the form and open this left sidebar. Choose "Redirect"
form redirect

The options are the following:

1. Step - You can create another step and connect your form to this new step (such as a custom thank you message).
2. Show a thank you message - show a default thank you message
3. Redirect to a campaign - sow another Adoric campaign
4. Spin lucky wheel and show step - read more about Spin to Win here

form redirect t