How to use Triggers & what they do

Select your campaign's main trigger

In Adoric's 'Rules' tab you have 5 different types of triggers by which your campaign will be shown: time, scroll, exit intent, mouse click or event.

Following is an explanation for using the different types of triggers 

  1. Time Frame
    Choose the right timing for your message to pop up, your campaign will appear [x] seconds after page load.

  2. Page Scroll
    This trigger enables you to show your web message after the user scrolled x amount of Pixels or x % of the entire page.

  3. Exit Intent
    With this trigger, your users will see the web message when trying to exit the website.
    The trigger is activated when moving the crosser outside the browser.
    You can choose to open the web message immediately when a visitor tries to leave your site or within a time frame.

  4. Mouse Click
    You can show your web message whenever users click on an element that is located on your website. In order to use this trigger, simply copy the CSS selector of the element and place it inside the trigger field.

  5. Event
    Using 'Event' as a trigger allows you to show your web message whenever an event fires. In order to use this trigger, create an event on GTM using the syntax 'adoric.trigger('trigger name')', and insert your event's name in triggers field.

    i.e show the user a pop-up with similar products whenever he enters an "out of stock" deal page.