Button popup

Learn how to create a 2-steps campaign where a button click opens a popup

Button popup is great to attract visitors' attention without interrupting their experience.

Creating a button popup takes just one minute:

Button Popup - Adoric-1
  1. Pick an existing campaign OR create a new campaign
  2. In your campaign, go to 'STEPS' on the left menu & click 'Duplicate the selected step'
  3. Delete the first step design
  4. Go to 'BG' on left menu -> Canvas
  5. Go to right menu & change the opacity to 0%
  6. Go to 'Elements' on left menu & select 'Button'
  7. Change your button text, font, color, &  size to your taste
  8. Click your bottom & go to link options on right menu->Change 'URL' to 'Step'->'Step 2'

* IF you'd like to locate the button on the border of your page;

Go to 'POSITION'  and pick your 'On screen position'. Remember to flip the button accordingly!