Product and content Carousel

Create any kind of carousel to your campaign

Add a carousel 

While on the campaign, click on "elements" located in the left sidebar and choose "Carousel".


Carousel options

1. Items 

You can add as many items as you wish to your carousel. Click on your carousel and then choose an item to duplicate. All the items you add will not be seen until you will change the "visible items" property located in "settings" and enlarge your carousel box. 


We advise you to design the first item in your carousel, only after you are done with the first item, duplicate it, and manage the other items.

2. Add elements to the carousel

Hover over your carousel and choose the pen tool -> elements. You can add an image, a button, or a text box. 

Carousel images

For each element added, you can double click it and edit it the way you want using the right design panel. For the image box, double click it, go to your uploads and drag an image to your image box.