How to create a coupon code?

Adoric has different options to create coupon codes and feature them in Adoric campaigns. This article summarizes the possibilities.

Feature overview

  1. You can choose either percentage (%) or currency ($) in the Discount value
  2. Coupons can be: Unique, Manual, Imported

    Shopify app: Unique coupon:
  • Adoric will automatically generate unique discount codes and add them to the Shopify store
  • You can add Prefix to the beginning of the coupon code
  • Users can add coupon codes without prefix
  • Coupons will be generated once the campaign was shown
  • Users can set a Coupon expiration (Expire on a specific date & after some time)

    image (4)
        Manual coupon:
  • Adoric will show one coupon for all users who see this campaign
  • You can enter any coupon you would like

Import list:
  • You can add numerous coupons at once with Add coupons button
  • You can import coupons from your computer
  • You can overwrite already existing coupons
  • The file format for importing must be in .csv format
  • You can add coupons from the URL to file
  • There is a limit for added coupons - 10 000. If the coupon limit is reached campaign will stop showing

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List format:

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