Control group

How to create and use a control group in your campaign

What is a control group? 
A control group is a group of users that will not view any variation of a campaign in all sessions.
They will be qualified to view the campaign as the rest of your variations. 

Example - campaign #1 has 3 variations:
variation 1 - gets 20% 
variation 2 - gets 70% 
Control - gets 10%

It means that 10% of the users will not view the campaign at all but they are qualified. For example, you choose to show the campaign to "New users", the control group users are also new users. 

Why using a control group?
As part of your optimization process, you may also need the use of this functionality.
By using a control group you can test how your campaign is working as per each goal you set. 
Create goals and set control groups, then go to Analytics and check how different variations works comparing to the control group. 

Check this example -

In Red, You can view the goal that this client was testing "Successful check-out".  
In Orange, you can see the percentage of users that were qualified to view each variation.
In Yellow, goal conversion rate.

In this example, the control group won. It means that users that didn't view any variation had a better chance to get to the desired goal. 

How can I create a control group?

You can create a control group in each campaign and each device. Choose any variation. Click the three dots and then choose "Control group". 

Move the blue bar and choose the percentage of audience that will get the control group. 

Updated on: 05/07/2022

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