Countdown functionality

Insert countdowns to your Adoric campaigns

With countdown timers, you can create a sense of urgency with your visitors/customers by making your products appear to be running out of stock. By so doing, you will drive more sales for your business. Read more about it here.

Create your first campaign and follow these steps:

Click on "elements" on the left sidebar.

Choose "Countdown"

Design your Countdown with the right panel.
You can change the background color, font, font size, transparency, and much more. 

**Countdown options**

In order to choose the countdown options, click on your countdown and then the left panel will open.
Here you have two main types:

End date
This option will show time running until it reaches a specific date and time. For example, August 1st at 24:00:00. Here you need to choose the specific time zone you are referring to. 

Per user
This option will give you the ability to show to each user his or her time running. For example, I can show a campaign with a discount to each user for only two hours. 

For both actions, you can display Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, and decide what will be the action taken after the time ran out. 

Once you made your decision, don't forget to click "Apply" and save your campaign. 

💡 You can manually add text boxes with "Hours", "Minutes", "Seconds" and more.

Updated on: 05/07/2022

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