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Learn how to create goals

Create goals on Adoric in order to measure your campaigns and number/percentage of achieved goals. 

Go to "Analytics" tab -> Click on the dropdown -> select "Goals".
On the left side, you can add a new Goal by clicking on the blue plus symbol. 

Follow these steps to create a new goal:

1. Goal name - the goal name will appear on the Analytics tab, therefore create a name that you will later understand. 

2. Destination - Choose what will trigger the goal. You can use URL and events.

URL / Query - Enter a part of the URL that includes the page name such as "success" page/ check-out page, cart page, thank you page and much more. 

Events - Create an event on GTM using the syntax 'adoric.trigger('trigger name')'. You can check if Adoric is receiving the events on Analytics -> Campaigns -> Events.

Another way is using your GA events, in order to use this option you need to go to "settings" on the top bar -> Integrations -> Connect your GA account -> Choose the events that you want to send to Adoric.

On the goals page, select the "GA events" option and you will view all of the events you sent to Adoric.

Updated on: 05/07/2022

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