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Why I can't see my campaign on my website?

A checklist of your Adoric campaign

Why I can't see my campaign live on the site? We made a list to answer this question.

Adoric JS is not implemented
The Adoric javascript code should be implemented on your site.
Make sure that our code is implemented correctly on "all pages". If you don't know how to implement the JS code click here. 

For a quick test on your site, click the right click on the mouse - > inspect > search for “adoric_script” inside developers tools. 
The campaign you've created is on the wrong device
You might try to see the popup on a mobile or tablet device, but only desktop variation is activated. When creating an Adoric campaign, you have the option to duplicate it to a mobile or tablet variation (out of the default desktop variation). 

If you have made a mobile or tablet variation, make sure you enable it. 

Variation is not activated
When creating a variation for mobile, make sure that the percentage of the variation is 100%. It means that 100% of the users will see the variation, meanwhile, 0% means that the variation is off and not visible. Just enable it by clicking the blue bar.

Specific audienceOn your campaign, in the Audience tab, you can define targeted users. Check if there are some restrictions you defined that will prevent some of the users from viewing the campaign.
If there are any, make sure that while testing you are part of the targeted audience
Rules are set incorrectly
In the rules tab, you can define where and when your campaign will show. Make sure you choose the right trigger and placement that fits your goals.

The selector of an in-page campaign does not exist
Make sure that the selector you chose for your in-page campaign exists on the actual pages.
If the selector does not exist, the campaign won't show at all. Check out the position page for more information.You can easily check this information by opening dev tools and switching to the "console" tab.
In this tab entered the value "adoric.lightboxes" and the browser returned the answer if the campaign does indeed exist on the page or not 
How did you check the campaign? Incognito check
The best way to make tests and check your campaign is from a new incognito window. We usually do that to dismiss any issues accruing due to frequency and audience rules set up earlier. We advise you to do the same.
Campaign's limitations
Check if there is any limitation about the number of campaigns that can be shown at the same time. On setting, you can limit the number of lightboxes to show per session or per page. Read more about campaign limitations here.

Updated on: 05/07/2022

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