GA events

Automatically send events to your Google analytics

Easily send events of:

1. Impressions
2. Clicks
3. Close

On 'Rules' tab mark the checkboxes under "Send campaign data to Google Analytics" 

Each event has 3 parameters:
1. Event Category - "Adoric" + Campaign's name
2. Event Label - Variation name
3. Event Action - Impression / Click / Close (checkboxes you marked on rules) 


Check that you are receiving the events on your Google Analytics account.
On your GA account go to Behavior -> Events -> Top Events.

ga events

If you receive impressions but can't see the events on your GA, you have the option to add your GA tracker name.
Go to "Settings" in the top bar -> click on "settings" tab and add the "tracker name" 

GA tracker

Please make sure that you carefully checked your GA account for Adoric events.