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Page-views and limitations of plans

How do we calculate page-views and what will happen when your account reached the limitation?

Adoric plans are composed of page-views limitations, the number of domains, and different features. Here we will discuss the page-views limitations component.

Plans and page-views limitations:

1. Free plan - Max 5,000 page-views per month.

2. Essentials plan - Max 25,000 page-views per month.

3. Standard plan - Max 100,000 page-views per month.

4. Pro plan - Max 500,000 page-views per month.

Your site page-views is counted on Adoric:

- Once you implement Adoric's code successfully.

- Every page-view of your website (not unique page-views).

Once you reached the max page-views of the month your Adoric campaigns will not show until you take one of the following actions:

1. You will upgrade your account and get more page-views (if you have a free plan and you upgrade to Essentials you will get new 25,000 page views from that moment).
Go to your account -> Plan -> Upgrade. Your account will be upgraded immediately. 

2. Another possibility is to wait until the month is over and we will give you new page-views. We reset your page-views limitations every month on the same day. 

💡  No matter what - we save all the data and campaigns created so far. 

You can always begin with a Free plan and if you are happy with Adoric upgrade to any paid plan.