Select the placement (pages) of your campaign

Choose the 'Rules' tab on the top bar, in the 'Placement' section you can select where to show your campaign on site. If you choose the 'specific page' option you can select to show your campaign on:
1. All website
2. Homepage
3. First landing page
4. User reaching page number

You can also show or exclude your campaign from specific pages using the URLs or queries.

💡Tip: Exclude sensitive pages such as Cart page, Check-out page to prevent showing confusing msg to users when they are trying to purchase a product

          If you want to target lots of pages, save time by importing a list of all the relevant pages from Google Sheets or Excel. 
      Import list
            Here is a format example and a table with all rows and inputs.
        excel 2
        Row input
        A show / exclude - the segment you would like to use
        B URL / query 
        C startsWith / endsWith / contains / match
        D URL / part of URL 
        E enabled / disabled