Connect product recommendations to Google analytics

Want to have Bestseller recommendation? follow these steps

In order to create a Bestsellers recommendation type, Adoric requires a match between the product ID in your google analytics and the product  ID presented in your product catalog. 

How can you check if they are matching?

First, visit your Google Analytics account, choose "Conversions" -> "E-commerce" -> "Product performance" -> Filter by SKU. The product SKU list is the actual product ID Adoric needs to match to your catalog feed (it can also include letters and numbers).

SKU listSecond, open your catalog feed and try to search for one of the product IDs we've found in the Google analytics report (product SKU). 


In the example above, the product ID in the catalog feed (1347676905) does not exactly match the product ID we found on the Google Analytics account (134767). 

In order to overcome this gap, we've added an advanced option to match between the two product IDs. Choose if the product ID in Google Analytics matches/Includes/Starts with/ Ends with the product ID from your catalog. 

In the example, we've shown, that the product SKU (GA) starts with / includes the product ID from the catalog. 

Advanced option


Here is a list of examples for matching IDs and the result

Product SKU
Operator Product ID
(Catalog feed)
123 match 123 Bestsellers Recommendation created
123K0 match 123 Bestsellers Recommendation will not be created
123K0 include 123 Bestsellers Recommendation created
456K0 include 123 Bestsellers Recommendation will not be created