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Profile, plan & users

Manage your account

Manage your account by clicking on the bubble placed on the right top bar and then click "Account".


On "Account" you can manage your Profile, Plan, and users.

1. Profile - Manage your account profile (First name, Last name, Email address, profile picture and change your password).


2. Plan
You can review how many page views are left in your plan. 
You can also check how many domains are being used in the plan.
Here you can upgrade your plan to have more page views, domains, features and much more.


3. Users
If you'd like to share access with other users you first need to send them a Sign-up link.
Then, add them to your list of users in this tab (add their email addresses).

Once the users are confirmed by Adoric they need to approve the access via e-mail. 

On this tab, you can also revoke users' access.


Cancel account or downgrade

For any reason you wish to cancel or downgrade your account please contact Adoric support team via our email box - Support@adoric.com.