Scrolling box

Learn how to create a campaign that is triggered by users' page scroll

Scrolling boxes give you the ability to display campaigns to visitors that have just shown enough interest; by scrolling a certain amount of the page.

You can launch your scrolling box in less than a minute: 
  1. Create a new campaign or enter an existing one
  2. Make sure the campaign is positioned as you wanted in 'POSITION' in left menu
  3. Go to 'Rules'-> select 'Page scroll'
  4. Select how you'd like the scroll to be measured; by % or px & how many
  5. Under 'Placement' select 'Specific pages' (leave it if you'd like the box to be global)
  6. Click the plus sign & add URLs that will display the box
  7. Don't forget to turn on the URL!
  8. Save & publish