Spin to win

Learn how to generate your own "Spin to Win" game

This wheel-of-fortune spinner overlay is proved to engage users and drive them to take an action. This "Spin to Win" game is also a great way to personalize and optimize your promotions, it's fun and every user can have the chance to win great discounts.  

You can grow your email list and increase your sales by encouraging customers to apply their given discount to shop right away.

How to create and publish your own "Spin to Win" game

1. Go to your campaign's page and add a new campaign. 
2. On the editor, click on "elements" in the left sidebar and add a "Spinner"

3. Click on the spinner in the editor. A left menu will open with all the spinner settings.
You can set the following:

  • Choose the number of slices to your spinner (min 2 slices, max 12 slices)number of slices
  • Win chances - Offer your users a chance to win a coupon. If their spin falls on 0, they won’t win a thing. But if more than 0, they stand a chance to win. The higher the spin value, the better their chances.
  • Rename the reward title.
  • Add the Coupon code - the coupon code we'll be visual only to users that won a certain prize and submitted a form in the next step. 
    Spinner settings

4. On the right sidebar, you can change
- Spinner colors 
- Text colors, sizes, and fonts
- Text position
-  Inner circle size

Connecting a form to the "Spin to Win" element

In order to get your spin spinning, you have to create a form. Submission of the form will activate it. Here we'll share the steps you'll have to follow

1. Add a form element
2. Create an integration to your form (if you don't choose any integration you'll be integrated automatically to Adoric leads

3. Click on your form, on the left sidebar choose the "Redirect" option. 

4. In the dropdown menu, choose "Spin lucky wheel and show step". Click Apply.Redirect2

Add a second step to get the coupon code

On the second step, you can present users with the actual coupon code they just won. 
1. Create a second step 

Add step

2. Change your design and a text box. 

3. Click on the text box, on the right sidebar choose "text options" and choose "coupon". 
This is a dynamic text box, which means that every user will get the coupon code they won.
** You can also add the "Gift" won using the "gift" text in the dynamic text options. 


Edit your audience and rules, Publish. 

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