Uploading and Editing Photos

How to upload an image

Uploading an image - PNG, JPG, SVG, GIF (Adoric does not support PSD, AI, EPS, MP4)

Adric's image uploading option is super simple and highly intuitive, just click the 'upload' button on the left navigation bar and click on the 'Upload your own image' button.

A second option is to simply drag and drop images into the editor's canvas.

Click on the image and find editing options: flip image (two directions), crop, move backward/forwards, duplicate, lock and unlock (lock elements to avoid making unintentional changes to them while you edit other parts of your design), and delete. 

image options

For more options, select the image and reach the right design menu 

image options-1

Here you'll find,

  1. Opacity options
  2. Corner radius
  3. Blur
  4. Shadow
  5. Animation
  6. Link options
  7. On-click options (copy text message to the clipboard or any other JS code)
  8. NEW - Dynamic image (pull an image using a CSS selector on your site)
  9. NEW - Remove background
  10. Accessibility (add alt to a non-decorative image). 

    NOTE - We don't recommend uploading images of more than 100KB because this can affect the loading process when the lightbox shows up.

    Also, we limit our system to upload the max image to 2 MB.