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Connect your form to an email provider

Use Adoric to get more leads and subscribers

Click on your form inside your campaign and on the left sidebar click on "Integrations". 
Adoric has plug&play integrations to the following Platforms (includes CRM, CMS, email marketing solutions):

For each 'plug&play' integration you need to add a key/id and choose the list and fields you wish to integrate. Here are our integrations:

Adoric leads
Connect your data forms to Adoric Leads.

Click on Mailchimp integration -> click on the logo in the bottom
Choose "Connect Mailchimp" or "Add API Key".

3. Salesforce
Click on Salesforce integration -> Add organization ID

4. Hubspot
Click on Hubspot integration -> Add Hubspot key

5. Aweber
Click on Aweber integration -> Connect to your account. 

6. GetResponse
Click on GetResponse integration -> Add API key

7. Constant Contact
Click on Constant Contact integration -> Add API key and Access token

8. Campaign Monitor
Click on Campaign Monitor integration -> Add API key and Client ID

9. Bronto
Click on Bronto integration -> Add API key 

10. SendinBlue
Click on SendinBlue integration -> Add API key 

11. Klaviyo
Click on Klaviyo integration -> Add API key 

12. Active Trail
Click on Active Trail integration -> Add API key 

13. Inwise
Click on Inwise integration -> Add API key 

Updated on: 21/05/2023

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