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Install Adoric

How to install Adoric on your website?

Log in to your Adoric account.
On the top bar go to 'Settings'
On the 'Install Adoric' page, you have three options: Manual install, Google tag manager and WordPress.

**Manual Install**

Copy the code provided or send it to your mailbox and implement it manually on your sites HTML in the <head>.

Here is a video explaining how to add Adoric JS manually to your Google Tag Manager account 

Paste it in the BEFORE the <body> section and save

**Google Tag Manager**

If you choose this option, we will install Adoric automatically on your GTM account. In order to do that, you need to choose "Install" and connect your Google Tag Manager account. 

If you want to implement the code on your GTM manually, use this guide Tag Manager guidance and install the Adoric code. The code should be enabled on all pages.


We have a new WordPress plugin. If you already created an account on Adoric,

Go to your WordPress account.
Install the Adoric plugin to your WP site.
Activate Adoric plugin
Navigate to the Adoric tab in your WordPress admin
Connect your Adoric account to your WordPress site with your Adoric account ID
You can find your account ID on Adoric "settings" 


In order to implement Adoric on a Wix site, use this documentation - embedding custom code on Wix

Installation not going so well? Send us a message on our chat and we will help.

Updated on: 05/07/2022

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