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Adoric Leads

Adoric leads are a data warehouse for forms you collect in your Adoric campaigns.

Note: For Shopify app merchants using Adoric Leads means the data is also integrated with their Shopify Admin account, under 'Customers'.

Adoric Leads is our default integration for any campaign with a form, and you can choose to change it and integrate your form with a different e
mail service provider.
To change integration, click on the field and choose 'Integrations' in the left panel.

Changing integration

If you're using Adoric Leads, you can add form validation to your campaign and prevent your users from signing up with the same data again.
You can prevent users who have already signed up for a specific campaign or any past campaign.

Click on the field and choose 'Integrations' in the left panel, choose Adoric Leads, and mark the validation for leads duplication option.


You can filter, delete and export all the data in Adoric Leads.

Options in Adoric Leads:
Filter dates
Filter columns - Including custom fields
Filter campaigns
Export the data as an XLS, CSV, or TXT file.

Updated on: 21/05/2023

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