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Carousel Settings

Editing the products in your carousel involves two main components:



Total Number of Products: This represents the total quantity of products displayed throughout your campaign.
Products per Row: Indicates how many products are visible in the carousel before needing to swipe left or right. This setting can be adjusted separately for desktop and mobile views.
Product Button: Offers three selectable options for interaction:
No button: Displays products without any button.
Redirect to Product Page: Includes a button that directs users to the product's detailed page.
Add to Cart Button: Incorporates a button that allows users to add the product directly to their shopping cart.

These settings allow you to customize the appearance and functionality of your product carousel to better engage with your audience and enhance their shopping experience.

Available Settings


You have the ability to apply filters to the products displayed in your recommendation campaign, tailoring the selection to match your specific criteria.

Initially, you need to decide whether all applied filters must be met for a product to be included (All Conditions) or if the presence of any single filter is sufficient (Any Condition). By default, the setting is configured to "Any Condition."

Available Filters:

Collection: Choose to either include or exclude products based on their collection.
Title: Narrow down products by their title using the following criteria:
Contains - This option allows you to filter products whose titles include a specific word or phrase. It's useful for targeting products that have a common keyword in their titles, ensuring that any product title containing this keyword will be included in the results.
Does Not Contain - Opposite to the "Contains" filter, this criterion excludes any product whose title includes the specified word or phrase. This is ideal for eliminating products from the results that have certain keywords you want to avoid.
Match - This filter requires an exact match between the product title and the specified text. It is the most precise filtering option, ensuring only products with titles exactly matching the provided text are included. This is particularly useful when you want to target specific products with known titles.
Does Not Match - Use this option to exclude products with titles that exactly match the specified text. This criterion is useful for filtering out specific products whose titles are precisely known and not desired in the recommendation campaign.
Starts With - Filters products based on titles that begin with the specified characters or words. This criterion is handy for grouping products that are named in a sequence or have a common prefix, making it easier to include products from a specific series or category.
Ends With - Similar to "Starts With", but this option filters products whose titles end with the specified characters or words. It's useful for including products that might be part of a series or share a common naming convention at the end of their titles.
Type: Include or exclude products based on their type. If specifying multiple types, separate them with commas.
Category: Include or exclude products by categories.
Vendor: Filter products by including or excluding specific vendors.
Tags: Include or exclude products based on specific tags.
Price: Set a price range to filter products within a specific price bracket.
Discount: Choose products on discount within a specified range.
Inventory: Filter products based on available stock, specifying a range for inventory levels.

These filtering options provide a robust framework for customizing the product selection in your recommendation campaign, ensuring that only the most relevant products are shown to your customers.

Available Filters

Keep your product recommendations fresh and aligned with customer preferences for a dynamic and engaging shopping experience that boosts satisfaction and sales.

Updated on: 25/06/2024

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