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Learn how you can create general limitations to your campaigns

On settings click on the "Limitation" tab. These are the options available:

1. Overlaying campaigns -Prevent campaigns with the same positions and triggers from popping up together.

2. Limit per page - Limit the number of lightboxes displayed per page at the same time.

💡**Tip** - Insert 1 to the box in order to show only one lightbox (campaign) at the same time. This will prevent the overlapping of campaigns. If you have a campaign that you wish to show at every moment regardless of other campaigns, use Exclude option and choose this campaign.

3. Limit per session - Limit the number of lightboxes to show per session.
You can also exclude campaigns that you wish to show at every session.

4. Exclude pages - Don't show lightboxes on specific pages.
This option allows you to exclude sensitive pages such as Cart page, Check-out page and more.
Notice that if you exclude these pages, no campaign will be able to be presented there.

Updated on: 01/05/2023

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