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Product Recommendation Types

Choose your recommendation type

Learn more about how to create your own product recommendations here.

Random products
If you choose this option, Adoric will present random products from your product catalog imported. You can also filter our product in a specific price range. 

Connect Adoric to your GA account and let Adoric show your bestselling products from the catalog in the last 30 days. This feature will only work if the product ID is similar in your catalog and your GA account. 

Most viewed
Choose this recommendation type to show the most viewed products in the last 30 days.
Adoric chooses what to show based on the top-rated product pages in GA. 

First products
If you choose this option, Adoric will show the first products listed in your catalog.

Recently viewed
Show users the last products they visited. This option is available only with a custom code implemented on your GTM (we will post more information soon).

Bought together
Choose this option to show products that are often bought together on your website. If a user examines one item, show them other products that are usually bought together. This feature is great for upselling and improving the average order value. 

Filter the product catalog

For each of the recommendation types, you can filter out products with different pricing ranges. 

Updated on: 25/06/2024

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