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Product recommendations

Learn how to create your own product recommendation messages using Adoric.

In order to create your product recommendation message follow these steps:

Go to settings > catalogs > Create Catalog.
Add your catalog's URL to import your products and set automatic catalog updates. You can also upload your catalog manually. Try adding your Facebook catalog feed or Google merchant catalog feed

💡  The feeds we support are CSV (UTF-8, UTF-16) files, XML files(Atom 1.0,[0.3]( and RSS 2.0, 1.0). Required fields: id, title, description, link, availability, image link, price.

If your catalog is supported by Adoric you will be able to create your recommendations. On the approval message the number of products imported will appear, some of the products, and the next action to take. Click on "Go to recommendations" to review your options. 

Click on "Create recommendation now" and choose your preferred catalog.
For now, you are able to create three types of product recommendations: Random products, First products (in the catalog), and Recently viewed. 

If you wish to create a Bestsellers recommendation or Most viewed hover over these options and connect to your Google Analytics account.

Add any product recommendation to your Adoric campaign.

Go to your campaign or create a new campaign. Click on elements (left sidebar) and add "E-commerce" element. 

4, Product recommendations settings

Once you'll click on the element, you'll be able to choose the type of recommendation you've already created. 

More settings under the design tab:

Visible items - Choose how many visible items you want the carousel to have.

Number of products - Number of products the carousel contains - visible and invisible.

Elements - Drag and drop the elements to add to the product recommendation carousel. 

- Description 
- sale price
- actual 

Button text - when filling in this field - all buttons of all products will change accordingly. 
Loop - the carousel will move automatically.

Click on the preview button to view the product recommendation carousel with real products.

Updated on: 25/06/2024

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