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Ready To Go Product Recommendations

Adoric offers four Ready-To-Go product recommendation strategies for Shopify stores to improve customer engagement and increase sales, here's a quick overview:

Ready to go Recommendations

Best Sellers for the Home Page

This strategy displays your most popular products on the home page. It's a straightforward approach to immediately capture the interest of new visitors with items that have a proven track record of high sales.

Recently Viewed Products for the Home Page

Tailored for returning visitors, this feature reminds them of products they previously browsed. It personalizes the shopping experience and encourages customers to reconsider items they've shown interest in.

Bought Together Recommendations for Product Pages

On individual product pages, this strategy suggests complementary products that are often purchased together. It's an effective way to increase average order value by encouraging customers to explore related items that enhance their primary purchase.

Best Sellers for Collection Pages

This involves highlighting top-selling items within specific collections. It guides customers towards popular products that others have purchased, making it easier for them to make informed buying decisions within a particular category.

After picking a product recommendation strategy for your store, you can choose its position, design its appearance, and decide who it targets.

Tip: You can have multiple recommendation campaigns!

Updated on: 22/01/2024

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