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Text Variables

If you wish to add a dynamic text element to your campaign, you can click on the “Text options” and choose the required variable:

Used in Spin-to-Win campaign - pulls the data from the Spinner step:
Gift - the name of the gift.
Coupon - the coupon code the user gets and needs to use in the checkout process.
It can be used in any type of campaign - pulls the data from the browser storage:
Browser name
Operating system
Device type
Referrer domain


Also, you can create your own, custom, variable:

Here you need to choose if you want to pull the data from a CSS selector or from the browser storage. In both cases, you need to name the variable.
If you choose to use the CSS selector, you’ll need to find this selector on your site and paste it into the relevant field.
If you choose the browser storage, you need to choose which storage exactly to use: JS variable / Cookies / LocalStorage / SessionStorage. Then you also need to fill in the field the key’s name.

Updated on: 25/06/2024

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