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Tracking and Analyzing your campaigns

Learn how to analyze your campaigns

Click on "Analytics" to view your campaign's results. 
Filter out the results by dates (top-right corner), Select to view results by impressions / clicks / CTR or users. You can also have two different views at the same time.

On the following table, you can view
1. Campaign name
2. Devices - devices that you created variations on. 
3. A/B - number of totals variations (active / not active)
4. Users - number of users that saw the campaigns
5. Impressions - number of impressions of all variations
6. Clicks - Total clicks of all variations. (remember - you set a click as a "log as conversion" in the editor while creating the campaign).
7. CTR - clicks/impressions 
8. Updated
9. Status - active/paused/deleted

Click on each campaign and you will be able to watch the results of each variation separated by devices.

If you created goals or send an E-commerce event to Adoric you can review them here. choose one of the goals you set and then watch how many users that saw a specific variation also completed a goal.

Updated on: 05/07/2022

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