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Useful scripts

All scripts you need


Inpage margin -
Use when you have an in-page campaign, and you want to move it to a specific place. Link

{ "margin-top": "70px", "margin-bottom": "70px", "margin-left": "70px", "margin-right": "70px" }

z-index -

Use when the layers in your campaign are off, the campaign cover native element in the page - Link By default, the value of the Z-index is very high. Clicking on “custom z-index” or using the script below with the value “10”, in most cases, will solve the problem.

{ "z-index": "10" }

Inpage Responsive -

{ "width": "100%", "background": "#f9a11f"}

{ “width”: “100%“, “height”: “100%“, “background”: “#000", “left”: “0px”, “position”: “absolute”}

Cover native element with in-page campaign

1) Choose and add the element’s selector. 2) Operation => Append as First child 3) Add this CSS: { "position": "absolute", "top": "0px", "left": "0px" } 4) if it doesn’t work, contact with our support or your account manager.


Share on WhatsApp
use when you want the client to press the share button and it will take him to WhatsApp with a custom text and link to the current page.

1. link options - javascript:window.location=waCurrentPage();
JS button - waCurrentPage = function() {return encodeURI("whatsapp://send?text= תראה מה ראיתי באתר מרצד
ס:" + 'http://' + window.location.hostname + window.location.pathname);}


Add an embed code(elements-embed) and add this script - don't forget to press apply

Count conversions by clicking the button without a link option
Use when you don't have a link option to the button but want to count it as conventions


An event that will be sent to GA
This event will be sent only to your GA account.
Add it to JS output on the button you want to count LINK &&"t0.send", "event", { eventCategory: "Adoric - קרוסלה סרטון גבות", eventAction: "click", eventLabel: "מסקרה לגבות"});


phone validation pattern - link

pattern="^05\d{1}-\d{7}$" - This pattern is validating next format numbers: for example- 052-123456789 or 050-0000000.

Add hidden field of email or phone (survey)

(creating a form with no email or phone number fields)

Create an email field that is visible
Inspect the page and mark the email field
Add a static email for this form - add to the email row with value=“[](”
Hide the field- add to the CSS style on the right a ‘display’ row, with the value ‘none’

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Updated on: 12/06/2023

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