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Get your account ready to roll!

In the top navigation bar click on "Settings". 

1. Install code Here you can find your own Adoric activation code. Copy it and implemented on your website, learn more about JS implementation here.

2. Setting - Set your account 

- Google Analytics account 
  You don't need to set here your GA tracker name. We set this information only if you have more    than one tracker on your website. 

- Industry 
  We created Adoric campaign templates that match your industry. 

- Currency 
  Right now you are able to choose NIS or USD

- Templates Language
  Choose the preferred language for the Adoric templates, available options are Hebrew and         English. 

- Single page application
Select this option ONLY if your website works as a Single Page Application (SPA)


3. Limitations
Learn more about limitations here

4. Brand  
Learn more about Brand here

5. Connect your GA
Connect your GA account to Adoric. This action will allow you to pass information about events to Adoric and you will be able to use them as triggers.

Updated on: 25/06/2024

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